Public Address System Services

Music mixes and amplified voice for the start line, finish line and in-between.... There's nothing like having up-beat music to set the mood at the start of the ride, and a good -- LOUD & CLEAR -- PA system to be heard when announcements are made. Hand-held portable PA is essential for 'working the crowd'.

Many public events are less successful than they should be due to the lack of an adequate public address (PA) system. With a little forethought -- and a line item on the action plan for 'Sound Equipment' -- a good event can become a fantastic event. We'll partner with you to provide what you need, from a Nady WA-120 adequate for groups of 5 - 50, to an Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum, capable of supporting multiple presenters (as in a panel discussion) or musicians, and groups of up to 2,000 (that's a lot of people.)

All of our systems are completely portable, with battery-capability -- perfect for outdoor venues such as street performances, rallys, press conferences, and concerts.  We operate and support the systems for you, so you can concentrate on the event. 

Public Address Systems

Tri-pod Mounted Portable PA System

Come-in loud and clear with this professional system designed for outdoor venues of up to 3,000 people.  Really!  It's no wonder that the US Government military, school systems and the Secret Service rely on this American-made system!  The Anchor Audio 'Liberty' system is designed and built right here in the good 'ol USA, in Carlsbad, California.

Don't just take our word for it... check out the Anchor Audio video!

Hand-Held Portable PA System

Speak and be heard as you roam through the crowd, or speak to small venues, using our Nady portable system.  Speak largely with this system, by the inventor of the cordless microphone.