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Bicycles for sale

At we take a unique approach to selling.  We believe that the happiest customers are those who make informed decisions based on direct experience with the bike.  That's why we encourage purchasers to take any of the bikes in our shop for extended rentals prior to making a purchase.
Customer demonstration
 Every bike in the shop can be rented -- for a day, or a week.  75% of your rental fee can be applied to any purchase of a new bike, or previously loved bike in our inventory.

You'll find our show-room environment to be welcoming and comfortable.  Try the bikes, relax on the couch, admire the original art on our gallery wall, and have an espresso, tea or cup of cocoa on us.

We offer two lines of bicycles with unique approaches to sales:

Montague - If you desire a Montague bike that we don't currently have in the show room, we can generally get one ordered in within a week.  Montague bikes are manufactured in Taiwan and Vietnam, and warehoused in Seattle, Washington.

Bike Friday - These unique bikes are custom hand-made at the factory in Eugene, OR.  Any of our shop floor bikes can be sold directly, often with a few 'demo miles' on them, and consequently discounted pricing.  If you wish to order a custom Bike Friday, there is no warehouse -- every bike is special ordered from the factory.  Here's how it works:
  • Day 1: We have a conversation with you to learn about your needs and the timing of your purchase
  • We prepare a draft specification for your perfect bicycle.  We'll consider your planned use, your budget, and special component requires you might have.  We'll also identify the paint and cable colors, and obtain your body measurements.  This process takes a day or two.
  • Day 2: We review the draft specification together, going over every component and feature line by line on the specification.  This is done either over the phone or in the shop.
  • (Preparation and review of subsequent draft specifications follows, generally on a 1 or 2-day cycle.)  We usually get the job done in one or two drafts.
  • Day 3: Once we've ironed out the perfect design to meet your needs, we collect full payment for the bicycle as designed, including local Santa Rosa sales tax.
  • Day 4: Working with the factory, we obtain a final 'build-to' specification for your review and approval.  This usually takes a day or two.
  • The final factory specification has a production date, which is the date 6 - 8 weeks in the future when your new bike will be completed, and shipped from the factory.  Keep this in mind while making travel plans with your new bike!
  • Week 7: We receive your new bike in the shop, assemble it, road test it, and review its operation and folding/unfolding with you.
  • Your bicycling adventures begins!

So check out our bikes for rent, and review our bicycles, then get yourself down to the shop!