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Smolenski Tandem

posted Feb 8, 2015, 11:35 AM by Geoffrey Smith   [ updated Nov 6, 2016, 9:10 PM ]

This Smolenski tandem, custom made for it's original owner is a very well-known label in the region. Compare to Santana cho-mo tandems, starting at $4,395.

Smolenski tandem

The Smolenski is beautiful -- it's our 'Cadillac'. It doesn't fold or come apart, but it's an elegant ride for local trips.

Specifications -


-Seat tube 22" 

-Head tube to seat tube: 53" 

-Seat nose to bar: 53" 


-Seat tube 19" 

-Seat tube to seat tube: 69" 

-Seat nose to bar: 40" (can be lengthened) 

Frame: ChroMo butted, lugless 

Brakes: Shimano 105 'STI Total Integration' 

Derailleur, rear: Shimano Deore LX 

Derailleur, front: Shimano RX100 

Paint: Forest Green 

Hubs: Shimano Parallax, black 

Rims: Ritchey Rock 440, 700c 

Tires: Continental 

Cassette: 8 speed 

Cranks: Sugino, triple 

Rear Rack: aluminum alloy 

Captain bars: 46cm, drop, Specialized 

Stoker bars: 44cm, 'horn'

Price: $2,000

In store as of 2/8/15