Bike Rentals

Our unique approach to rentals sets us apart from the rest:
  • All rental inquiries and bookings are handled via web online (see below)
  • You may meet your bike at our comfortable show room and tour shop, located in Historic Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, one block north of the downtown train station.
  • Our rentals start at $40 a day.
  • 25% off for two or more days; 40% off for up to two weeks; 50% off for more days than that.
  • A 'day' is 24-hours -- enjoy your ride and don't fret about returning the same day
  • Helmet, lock, patch kit, spare tube, pump are included at no extra charge
  • We can deliver!   A mere $1/mile fee for delivery and pickup mileage after that.  (Round-trip mileage)
  • All of our bikes fold in half or disassemble. This is very convenient if you want to put a couple in the trunk of your car and head to the country!
  • Are you staying in a local hotel or B&B?  A discount may apply!  Check here for your hotel name and instructions. 
Click Rent Now to see our bikes, trikes, trailers, tours, and begin your adventure

Hot tip #1: To check availability and book your bike, first click on the date field and choose a start date for your trip. The default is today's date.

Hot tip #2: Bike Friday centimeter frame sizing is different than with other kinds of bikes.  The number (e.g., 60 cm) refers to the length of the main tube, from the front of the head tube, to the back of the seat tube -- it's the reach, not the height.  Our Montague bikes bikes measure frame size from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. Our tern bikes are all the same size.

Hot tip #3: Choose single or multiple-day rentals by using the start and end calendars.  Pricing will be adjusted accordingly (multi-day rates are 25% - 50% lower than single day.)

Hot tip #4Each 'day' is 24 hours long! Who knew? You have the option of receiving delivery the night before, and returning the morning after, subject to availability.  We're not going to hold you to 24-hours exactly.  So if delivery at dinner time the day before and pickup at breakfast time the day after suits you, it suits us, too!  How do you like your eggs? Enjoy a nice meal at the end of your rental day and don't sweat the return. We do our best work early in the morning before 9 am, and late in the day after 5 pm.

Hot tip #5'Demo' bikes, while they are available for rental, are reserved for those clients who are considering maybe a purchase down the line. The 'demo' bikes are fresh, unscathed, and pricier than our standard rental fleet. (Remember: 75% of any rental can be applied to a purchase of any bike.)

We are a proud member of the national 'RentaBike Now' network of bike shops.  Rent Everywhere with confidence!

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