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tern Link B7

tern Link B7tern Link B7 
The tern Link B7 is a great folding bike at an affordable price.  Made in China, the quality of this bike is nothing if not consistent. Beautiful glossy black with red trim. Great for your daily commute, RV, boat or plane for short hops around town.

The tern Link B7 is built for exploring. It folds down small in 10 seconds, so you can bring it with you anywhere—on the subway, in your car, or even store it indoors at night. With 7-speed gearing, eyelets for rear racks, and a height-adjustable telescopic handlepost, it packs a ton of versatility. Ride one and discover the convenience of a Tern bike.

  • Wide 7-speed gearing for climbing hills and racing through the city
  • Telescopic handlepost so you can find the right ride height
  • Folds compactly in 10 seconds for storage and transport
  • Magnetix™ 2.0 lock the bike in place when folded
  • Eyelets for adding rear racks
  • Accommodates fenders for rainy days. Fenders not included.
Price: $400

In store as of 2/7/2017