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Mountain Bikes

When dirt calls to you, answer the call with our folding mountain bikes!  We feature the innovative
Montague Paratrooper, Bike Friday Silk
Montague line of bikes, which were developed by Boston-based Montague about 20 years ago for use by the US Army Airborne division (those crazy solders would jump out of airplanes with a folded bike strapped to their chest.)

For smoother dirt roads, trails, or the cobbled streets of Paris Roubaix, we offer the Bike Friday 'Pocket Llama'.

Imagine driving to your favorite forest service dirt road, with your bike neatly stowed in your trunk.  Finish up your riding day with a meal and libation in town -- knowing that your bike is secure and out of size inside your trunk, rather than on your roof or bumper.  Think about it.  Then get in here and get on one.