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Bike Friday Tandem Two'sDay

Tandem Two'sDay
The quintessential touring tandem, Bike Friday's iconic Tandem Two'sDay transports touring couples world-wide with the highest quality and durability.  Traveling to and from the travel destination is a breeze, as the tandem packs easily into two Samsonite f'lite GT 30" travel cases for flying.  The bike folds in 60-seconds for travel in the trunk of a car, travel on a train, or storage.  Amazing.

Bring your stoker and take it for a ride!

Approximate price as pictured above: $4,400 including 2-case travel system

In-store as of 4/1/2015

Tandem Two'sDay in Switzerland
Tandem Two'sDay in action in Lauterbrunen, Switzerland, 2015.