We take pride in the quality of our work.  We service all types of bicycles, with a specialization in folding touring, mountain and cargo bikes.

Service Package Rates

Single $89· Tandem $159· Triple $189
(Parts additional)
We true and dish the wheels, clean the chain completely, inspect all the components and the frame for warranty concerns. Then we adjust your brakes, dérailleurs, hubs, bottom bracket and headset. We'll re-lube the chain and cables, and recommend any replacements. Of course we'll give it a good cleaning. Perfect way to get ready for the next season, epic ride, or big trip.

Single Standard- $259
Tandem Standard (also SatRDay) $359
Triple and Q Standard $419
(Cables, housing and grips/tape included. Other parts additional)

It's more than just a tune-up. It's a new lease on life. We strip the bike down to the bare frame and clean all the components thoroughly while we true your wheels. Then, after giving the frame a good cleaning, we'll install all the parts back on the frame, and give it the complete tune-up. Included in this service is the dis-assembly, cleaning and readjustment of all bearing surfaces where applicable. We also replace handlebar grips or tape and cable and housing. We test ride the bicycle before handing it back.

Please note, if you have an internally geared Sachs or SRAM 3-speed rear hub there is an additional charge of $49 (retail price is $69) for overhauling your hub due to the mechanical complexity and time required.

An Overhaul is a perfect way to make your bike like new without actually buying a new one! Your Bike Friday will love you.

$69 labor
(Parts additional)

We will completely disassemble your hub, clean all the parts, replace any parts that are needed, lube with Phil Wood Tenacious Oil and grease, and reassemble it. If your hub is more than a year old, this needs to be done already. Overhauling you Sachs or SRAM 3x hub on a regular basis will add years to its life.

Ad Hoc Service Rates

  • Brake adjust $20
  • Brake pad replacement $20 
  • Computer installation $20
  • Derailleur adjustment $20
  • Flat repair $10
  • Fender or rack installation $10
  • Hub overhaul, front $20
  • Hub overhaul, rear $20 - $35 
  • Pedal installation and adjustment $5
  • Tire replacement $10 
  • Wheel truing $20
  • Bike Build (from box or case) $60
  • Bike Box (into box or case) $50

Our standard shop rate is $60/hour for non-flat rate items not listed above

(Parts additional)