Shop hours

Always call first before coming down: 855.483.3732

 Sundayopenshutopen again* shut for good 
 Monday 10 am 12 pm6 pm 7 pm 
 Tuesday 10 am 12 pm6 pm 7 pm 
 Wednesday 10 am 12 pm6 pm 7 pm 
 Thursday 10 am 12 pm6 pm 7 pm 
 Friday 10 am 5 pm  
 Saturday    10 am   3 pm  

*handy for people who work for a living

To best serve the needs of you our customer, we also employ an optional 'By Appointment' program for our shop. This allows us to support you in the shop -- and in the field -- in the most expeditious manner possible. Don't hesitate to contact us, at any time 7/24, and we'll either answer or get back to you shortly to set something up. Our in-shop consultation fee for private off-hours appointments is $25/hour. Read about our fee-based Consultation & Appointment Policy.

To better meet the needs of our traveling customers, we schedule Bicycle Rentals online.

Also visit our Events Calendar to see where we are 'out there' in the community!  Our Pop-up Bike Parties are another way to experience our bikes in person. Shop Hours