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Consultation & Appointment Policy

Consultations and Demo Rides at may be scheduled by appointment during off-hours. We want to be completely focused on you and your needs.  We know your time is valuable (many of you have come a long way to see us) and we want to make sure that you are getting everything you can out of your visit.  During your appointment: we send the phone calls to voice mail, we hang an 'In Appointment With Customer' sign on the door, and give you our undivided attention. You are our first and only priority.

We charge $25 per hour for private appointments, pro-rated per 12 minutes ($5). Sort of like lawyers do, but cheaper.

Once you make your purchasing decision, all of the appointment fees will be refunded back into the purchase of the bike, or any accessories we have in the shop.  So for example, if you spent four hours in a consultation and demo ride, that $100 you paid would be applied towards your bike or accessory purchase.  Please note, the consultation fee is not applicable towards service or shipping.

We have, on average, over 40 bicycles in the shop at any given time.  These represent the broad array of options offered by our primary bicycle product vendors: Bike Friday, Montaguetern, evo, Sycip & TerraTrike. Whether you purchase from us or not, you'll have the opportunity to experience these machines first-hand in a rich learning environment.

Existing bicycle purchase customers are exempt from the fee.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you to get you on a folding bike!

Geoffrey D. Smith

Geoffrey Smith at Laguna de Santa Rosa