Electric Pedal Assist

Electric pedal-assist bikes are here to stay. We offer a number of choices that combine folding convenience with 'Class 1' pedal-assist technology -- no throttle on these bicycles!

We feature the tern GSD, tern Vektron, tern eLinkD71, the Copenhagen Wheel, TerraTrike EVO recumbent trikes, and the full range of Bike Friday bikes with pedal-assist.

tern vektronYour pedal energy is amplified by these motors, providing greater range and power for the same level of your energy output.

At BikePartners.net...

  • We sell only 'Class 1' e-pedal assist bikes with no throttles. We believe (as does Bosch) that bicycles should be pedaled
  • We do not sell mountain bikes with motors. We believe that hiking trails, dirt and gravel service roads and 'single track' are no place for motorized recreation
  • We do not sell upright adult trikes with motors. Too dangerous! These trikes are not made for speed


A word about Torque:

The TerraTrike EVO recumbent trike uses the Bosch Active Line, with 50Nm peak torque
Our tern GSD cargo-ready bicycle -- made for heavy lifting -- uses the Bosch Performance Line, with 63Nm peak torque
"Torque is a better measure of how powerful a particular motor is. Bosch's Active Line motor puts out 50Nm at its peak, and the Performance Line motor will give you 63Nm. Shimano's STEPS motor has a 50Nm maximum. ... The Brose is more reactive to rider input whereas the Bosch is more of a constant assistance.Dec 4, 2017" (retrieved from ebiketips.road.cc on October 14, 2019)

A word about hill climbing:

Many customers seek electric assist for hill climbing. Mid-drive motors are going to give you much better hill-climbing performance due to their use of gearing versus hub motors, which do not have the benefit of gearing. When we talk about hills we use the 'percent grade' (%) measure. Percent is simply rise over run (e.g., 45-degree grade is 100% grade).
Here is a great video showing actual gradients on a well-known hill climb in Sonoma County called Coleman Grade: Coleman Valley Road Full Climb
The video is shot with a Garmin system that records distance, elevation, grade and many other factors. Very informative!
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