Presidents on Bikes: A trip down memory lane

Presidents on Bikes: A trip down memory lane

The character of a United States President can be judged by whether he/she rides a bicycle. See how they measure up...

On the eve of the unthinkable assault on the halls of congress today, and while I watch the congress count and argue about the electoral votes, I thought I'd look back on current and past presidents going back to when I first understood what a president is -- the early 1960s. Here are my findings...


Joe Biden

A total jock. Champion of social distancing and mask-wearing. Plays with his dogs a lot:

Joe Biden


'The Donald' Trump

He is quoted as having said that he will never ride a bicycle. Here he is pictured with a Litespeed bicycle that is made in the USA, a fact that he very likely takes credit for. He does play golf a lot, but not sure if we walks the full 18 holes or rides a golf cart:



Barack Obama

Also a great basketball player. Hawaiian by birth, it is likely that he also surfs:

Barack Obama bike


George W. Bush (the son)

A fun-loving guy from Texas (most recently) who likes to ride his bike on his cowboy ranch. He is also really into baseball:

George W Bush


Bill Clinton

Bill somehow got permission to ride his bike inside a government office building. When not riding, he likes to blow his saxophone:

Bill Clinton bike


George H. W. Bush (the dad)

It is quite possible that he did some other bicycling while under an assumed identity while he headed up the CIA, but I found this photo with him and his wife Barbara. He also flew airplanes off of Navy aircraft carriers in WWII and got shot down:

George H W Bush bike


Jimmy Carter

It is remarkable that he could find time to ride his bike given his work raising peanuts and building homes for low-income families. Ask a busy person they say! Here we see Jimmy and Rosalynn in Yangshuo, China:

Jimmy Carter


Gerald Ford

Gerald was an early adopter of the bicycle, as shown here in this pic of him astride a cool ride in 1915:

Gerald Ford bike

Ronald Reagan

Known for his gun-slinging, swimming and football playing, he was also a fit cyclist as shown here. He also acted, and did commercials for the Borax company:

Ronald Reagan



The big man who gave us The Great Society -- Wilderness Act, Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, Civil Rights Acts, Voting Rights Act, Economic Opportunity Act, and so on -- also rode horses. I couldn't find a pic of him on a bike. But I'll take the horse:

LBJ Horse



Johnny we hardly knew ye, but I caught Jackie riding a bike. John liked to sail, and captained a PT boat in WWII:

Jackie bike


Anyway, this was an interesting trip down memory lane, which I took while watching history unfold on the internet. It is now 3:30 am in Washington DC and they have just finished counting the electoral votes, declaring Joe Biden to be the 46th President of the United States.

Cannot wait for January 20. Let's do a bicycle critical mass at the Capitol!

God Bless America



  1. Camille Armstrong Camille Armstrong

    Wow, your “bike ride down presidential memory lane” is just what I needed to get me smiling, breathing, and feeling a little uplift. Thank you... fun and very interesting. After the horrific attempted Trump-inspired election coup, I really need to go on a bike ride. Your partner.

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