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BikePartners Rewards Club

We value our BikePartners customers! We reward your support with points and incentives based on your purchases. We appreciate you our loyal customer, and we welcome you back in our store!

BikePartners Rewards

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How do I earn BikePartners Rewards Points?

It's easy, for each dollar you spend you earn one BikePartners Rewards Club point. Every 100 points give you $5 off your next purchase. 500 points gets you $25 off your next purchase. The larger the purchase you make with your rewards points, the more they are worth. For example, if you make purchases worth $900 you earn 900 points which are worth $50 off your next purchase. It pays to save! Sweet!

We made our BikePartners Rewards Club a simple, easy to understand program without a list of "fine print" exclusions - you earn rewards points on all purchases with the exception of sale or closeout items (that last part is the fine print. :) )


BikePartners Rewards points system

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What can I use my BikePartners Rewards points on?

BikePartners Rewards Club points can be used for any item or service, both in our brick & mortar store and online.


Can I receive my BikePartners Rewards in cash?

BikePartners Rewards Club points have no cash value. Nice try though.


When can I use my BikePartners Rewards?

All rewards points are available to use on your next visit after 48 hours.


How do I know how many BikePartners Rewards points I have?

You will receive a monthly email or text outlining the points you have earned. The message contains a url web link that you can bookmark on your smartphone or browser for reference at any time. You can also log on to your account on the web site to view your BikePartners Rewards account info. Or click here.


Can I use my BikePartners Rewards points online?



Can I use my BikePartners Rewards to pay for special orders?

Yes, BikePartners Rewards Club points can be used to pay for special orders. We love doing special orders for our customers.

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