Who says tricycles are for kids? We've got you grown-ups covered with the stability of three wheels, and the convenience of folding! Bike Shop is strategically located at the hub of the rapidly expanding network of class 1 bike paths in Sonoma County. Ride your trike safely and freely for miles through beautiful countryside and quaint small towns of Sebastopol, Graton, Forestville... and Santa Rosa! (more towns to come soon on the SMART pathway -- Fulton! Windsor! Healdsburg! Cloverdale!)

I sell the TerraTrike brand of trikes. They are a US owned company based in Grand Rapids Michigan. The trikes feature quality components and a high degree of versatility to adapt to a wide range of riders and conditions. 


Model summary:

Traveler -- the 20 inch wheel folding version so if you're going to want to transport it in the car that will not accommodate an unfolded trike
Rambler -- it's a 24 inch wheel trike that has a little bit easier ingress and egress because it's higher off the ground a little bit
All-Terrain -- like the Rambler but with much lower gearing and fatter tires for off payment fun
Gran Tourismo -- this one has 24 inch rear wheel and 20 inch front wheels so it's more of a performance oriented design for longer distances
GT EVO -- the Gran Tourismo with the Bosch mid drive electric motor kit added.
Maverick -- is the least expensive at around $1500. Eight speed derailleur shifting. 20 inch wheels, high tensile steel frame
Rogue -- same basic trike as the Maverick, but it has the Enviolo continuously variable rear hub transmission. Really nice for people who are not comfortable with standard derailleur shifting. High tensile steel frame
Charge -- Electric motor pedal assist featuring rear hub motor. High tensile steel frame. The Class 1 motors are capable of 20 mph assist speed; the grip throttle adds power for acceleration, but only when the pedals are engaged.
GTS -- the aluminum version designed for high-performance riding. 24" rear wheel, 20" front.
Spyder -- if you have a need for speed this is the trike for you! All aluminum ultralight frame with internally routed cabling, vertical hand grips, 700 C rear wheel
Rover Tandem -- "Tandems get a couple to where they're going faster!" This is a fun way to go for couples who are mismatched in strength or ability, or simply want to be close together when they're riding. The independent pedal system (IPS) makes it possible for either rider to coast while the other is pedaling. Enviolo continuosly variable transmission hub. High tensile steel.
Tandem Professional -- top shelf components, frame hand-built in the US

The Bosch Electric motor pedal assist kit can be added to any model. Bosch motors are mid-drive meaning they attach to the crankset, which happens to be in the front on a trike! The Class 1 motors are capable of 20 mph assist speed, and there is no throttle.

All frames are made of high-quality chrome molybdenum steel except as noted

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