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It's always best to pay cash for big items -- except when you can't. We make it easy to purchase items on installments, with NO FEES and NO INTEREST.

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Affirm Financing

Lay-away in Store

Pre-payments for Backordered Items


Affirm Financing

Affirm financing

Affirm & BikePartners Bike Shop have teamed up to offer easy financing - without a catch. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see at checkout is always what you'll actually pay.


Quick & Easy

Your Affirm account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN. This combination helps Affirm verify and protect your identity.


Choose 3 or 6 monthly payments

Affirm designed its loans to offer you flexibility and control over your budget. Affirm offers rates from as low as "0-36% APR." based on your credit. Actual rates will be shown at checkout.


Real People, Real Support

Affirm has a dedicated team in San Francisco at Affirm HQ, ready to answer your questions and help out however they can.


Frequently Asked Questions about Affirm Financing

What information does Affirm Require?

Your Affirm account is created using your name, email, mobile phone number, birthday and last 4 digits of SSN. This combination helps Affirm verify and protect your entity.


How do I pay my bills?

You can pay your Affirm bills online at They accept payment by debit card, bank transfer and check.


Does Affirm conduct a credit check?

Yes, when you first create an Affirm account, Affirm performs a 'soft' credit check to help verify your identity and determine your eligibility for financing. This 'soft' credit check will not affect your credit score.


Why was I prompted to pay a down payment with a debit card?

Affirm tries hard to approve every purchase but sometimes can't approve the full amount. When this happens, Affirm provides a debit card down payment option so that you may still complete your purchase right away.


Why was I prompted for a checking account?

Affirm sometimes requires additional information to consider a credit application. Such information may include an active checking account, which helps Affirm verify your identity and your ability to repay the requested loan. If they prompt you for this information but you are unable to provide it, Affirm will be unable to approve your credit application.


What interest-free payment terms are available for my purchase?

'Cart floor' - minimum shopping cart purchase amount
'MO' - month
'APR' - annual percentage rate. If 0% -- you pay no interest!
'IB' -interest bearing loans ("0-36% APR.").

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Example: On a $700 purchase, you may pay $63.18 for 12 months with a 15% APR.


What are the minimum and maximum purchase amounts that are covered by Affirm?

Minimum purchase amount is $50. There is no maximum purchase amount.


How do I see the payment terms for my particular purchase?

Beneath the item price you will see this message -- just click on the 'learn more' link to get the full payment terms options:

      affirm message

“Your rate will be 0-36% APR based on credit, and is subject to an eligibility check. For example, a $700 purchase might cost $63.18/mo over 12 months at 15% APR. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount and a down payment may be required.”


Will I get 'dinged' if I miss a payment, or don't complete my payments on time?

No penalty! No foul! No fee! Affirm will come after you if you fail to complete your obligation, and your FICO credit score would be affected. Just make your payments in full before the interest-free period ends, and you are golden!


Am I eligible?

Affirm customers must: Be a resident of the U.S. (including U.S. territories) Be at least 18 years old (19 if you’re a ward of the state in Nebraska) Have a Social Security number Own a phone number that receives SMS and is registered to the United States or U.S. territories



Layaway in Store

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When you want the item so bad you don't want me to sell it, I can 'lay it away' for you!

BikePartners Bike Shop's layaway program is available all year. With 20% down (50% for Special Orders) I will place anything on a layaway for you so you can spread out payments over up to 3 months. You can pay as much or as little as you would like and as often as you like as long as the item is paid in full in 3 months. Once your final payment is made, the item(s) are yours (I get to keep the items until you are paid in full.)




Pre-Payments for Backordered Items


During these trying times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic supply chain disruption, it has become increasingly difficult for me to purchase inventory for resale to my customers. For this reason I offer a Pre-Purchase option: Make full payment on a backordered item now, and I will issue you 2x (double) BikePartners Rewards Club loyalty points at the time of delivery.

Example: Purchase a $2,000 bicycle now. When the bicycle is delivered in 6-months, you will received 4,000 Rewards Club points. These points are worth 5% cash value on any store purchase. (e.g. $2,000 purchase earns 4,000 Rewards Club Points which are worth about $200 in store credit or other incentives.)


FAQ About Pre-Purchases


Why do Pre-Purchase?

This payment option allows my shop and my vendors to better gauge the demand for the product which is in the pipeline. It also helps my locally owned business to remain afloat during times of supply chain disruption. If you have made your pre-purchase for the product you will be given first priority when the product becomes available at sometime in the future.


What can I use my Rewards Club points for?

You can apply your point credits to any item or service


Can I change my mind?

Times change, conditions change, and sometimes it's necessary to cancel the purchase. Your funds can be returned to you at any time. They will paid out via the same method they were initially paid (card, check, cash.)


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