Consignment & Pre-Owned Sales specializes in the sale of new folding and collapsable bicycles. On occasion, we also offer 'previously loved' bicycles and other items that represent good value for the buyer. Pre-owned bicycles and other items are sold as-is with no warranty expressed or implied.

Shipping: Shipping charges for pre-owned bicycles are the responsibility of the purchaser

Consignment Terms for Sellers prides itself on offering the highest quality gear at the best prices. We strive to price your gear relative to what the market will bear. We want you to get the most for your new and used gear, and balance that with what the customer will pay. On average, a consigner will net ~63% of the total sale. We have a sliding scale of consignment percentages based on the sale price. We don't take junk. High quality name brands only, primarily brands that we sell new in our store.


Our Consignment Policy

  • We may remove items from consignment sale after 30 days.
  • We may reduce sales price by 40% after 60 days in the store. We don't want 'stale' merchandise!
  • We reserve the right to dispose of any items not claimed after 150 days in the store.
  • We reserve the right to make any changes necessary to the item to improve its condition and salability.
  • When the item sells we will issue a check for the agreed upon price based on percentage.


What is the consignment process?

  • Bring your item to the shop
  • One of our staff will explain the contract to you and ask you to fill it out
  • We'll review your items right then, telling you if we'll take it and how much we'll sell it for
  • You'll be given a receipt with your items, and the $ you'll receive when sold
  • All of our inventory is published on our web eCommerce site so you can check your item and current pricing by visiting
  • Items must stay in our shop for 30 days
  • Items get automatically marked down after 60 days
  • BikePartners reserves the right to modify item as needed to improve sale prospect. Consignor is liable for the cost of these modifications in the event the item is returned unsold.
  • Something sold? We'll cut you a check or you can use as store credit to purchase gear YOU want


Consignment rates

$0.01 - $100.00 50% 50%
$100.01 - $300.00 60% 40%
$300.01 - $600.00 70% 30%
$600.01 & up 80% 20%


Tips to selling your gear with us

  • Cleanliness = Sale-ability. A clean bike rides better -- and sells better, too!
  • Flexibility. If you are thinking you can get close to retail for your item, remember, friends don't let friends pay retail. You may think your item is the most unique, greatest thing on the planet, but chances are, we've sold 3 just like it in the past. We want you to get the most for your gear and will price accordingly. In General, our pricing is loosely based on wholesale pricing, while considering original value, current condition and natural technological advances in currently available gear.
  • Patience. Give it some time! It takes a while for people to find your item in our store, and to come around to a decision (based on our professional sales advice.)
  • Seasonality. Selling your full suspension bike in the middle of January may not get you the best deal or move it quickly. Bring in items that are season appropriate.
  • Trust. Some level of trust in our expertise will make this a smoother, creamier experience for all concerned. We know you loved your gear when you were using it, but believe us when we say it'll sell for "x" price. Our computer software tracks average sales prices by category and item. Have a look a Bicycle Blue Book!

We love what we do. We want people to enjoy the outdoors and hope we can put the right gear into their hands to do so. If your stuff works for them, we'll recommend it.*  We try to price things appropriately first, then sell to the appropriate person.

*A Note on negotiating. We don't. Someone wants to offer $200 less for your Road bike? We simply tell them 'No'. We strive to get a fair price for you the consigner and them, the buyer right from the start. Our consignment software gives us average prices items have sold for. This, and our years of experience in pricing gear, gives us a good idea on what price and item should sell for.


(To be printed, reviewed, and signed by both parties)

Customer name:    ________________________________

Customer address: ______________________________________


Customer phone:   ________________________

Customer email:    ________________________

Consignment item description: ___________________________________________

Minimum listing price:  $_____________

Minimum acceptable selling price: $_____________

Consignment rates based on anticipated selling price: Consignor %_____  BikePartners %______


Consigner signature: ____________________________________  Date: ______________


BikePartners signature: ____________________________________  Date: ______________

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