Kali Protectives Helmets!

Kali Protectives Helmets!

Hello friends and neighbors. We want to share something new and exciting with you. We have been carrying Kali Protectives helmets for quite a while now, and we have been very impressed with their safety features, overall functionality, comfort and design aspects. We are so excited to announce that our Kali Alchemy helmets, which have sold very well, are now joined by the Pace model, just as safe but at a more affordable price point. See below for a full comparison list of features between these two awesome, versatile helmet models. But first, let us introduce you to some of Kali Protectives technology.

Here's an in-depth scientific discussion of the Kali Protectives technology, which is used in their bicycle and motorcycle products...



In-molding technology merging the shell and foam liner. Better impact energy management, increased dynamic range - smaller, lighter and stronger.

Kali Protectives came from a breakthrough in safety technology - COMPOSITE FUSION, a process that bonds the helmet shell and foam enabling us to use a thinner shell, creating a lighter stronger helmet. a lighter stronger helmet.

Lighter and stronger means a safe helmet with less mass attached to your head. In a crash, less mass attached to your head reduces impact g-forces acting on your brain.



No safety technology exists that can completely prevent injury, but we can significantly reduce the chance of trauma. Are we as helmet manufacturers doing enough? The more we learn and the more we understand, the better protective gear we can produce.

That is our goal at Kali - to deliver the best protection available to riders.



When we first began experimenting with materials to help reduce low-g or subconcussive impacts that are below the threshold of our current foam liners, we tested a number of materials until we found a type of vinyl nitrile we call Bumper Fit. This substance is similar to Poron or D30 and hardens on impact to help provide some low-G protection. The material also acts as a memory foam, which helps to reduce hot spots and increase comfort.

We call the latest iteration of this technology LDL, or Low Density Layer. It consists of specially designed viscoelastic padding that is placed throughout the interior of the helmet. It reduces rotational impact forces up to 25%, and reduced low-g linear forces up to 30%.



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All the elements come together in a Composite Fusion™ trail helmet that is light yet so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. Features LDL, Kali's proprietary multi-G impact technology. This in-molded helmet puts the Low Density Layer (LDL) technology in your hands at an affordable price point to ensure that even on the most leisurely of rides, you've got the linear and rotational protection expected from a Kali lid.

TECHNOLGY: Composite Fusion, LDL

TECHNOLGY: Composite Fusion, LDL

FEATURES: Anti-Microbial Pads, Break-Away Visor, Locking Sliders FEATURES: Break-away Visor, Anti-Microbial Pads, Locking Buckle and Slider

MATERIAL: PC Shell & Under Wrap, EPS Foam


RETENTION: Micro-Fit Closure System, 2-Position Height Adjust



WEIGHT: 300 g / 10.5 oz

WEIGHT: 286 g / 10.1 oz

INTENTED USE: X-Country, Trail INTENTED USE: Recreational, X-Country, Trail


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